Product Development & Design

Product Development & Design

We have many successful designs and product launches in our portfolio. Our staff has what it takes to understand your requirements, develop specifications and work closely with you as we take your concept through all phases of design, prototype and market launch. Over our many years of experience in product development, we have nurtured relationships with the most talented resources available and we can bring the best of the best to you as you undertake the exciting process of bringing your product to market.

Services: We offer a large range of services that include everything required to move your product from concept to production. Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Embedded and PC Software, PCB Layout, Packaging, Prototype Construction and Testing, Safety Agency and FCC Approvals, Documentation, Test Procedures, and Operation Manuals.

Electronic hardware: Electronic hardware design experience includes: Industrial Controls, Battery Charging and Monitoring, Switch-mode Power Supplies, Motion Control, Consumer Products, HVAC, Wireless Communications, and Automated Test Fixtures. High speed / low noise / high performance analog circuit design, low cost discreet-component circuitry development. High speed digital video and mixed signal processing signal management and turnkey connectivity solutions.

Embedded Systems Design: Microprocessors and microcontrollers such as PIC microcontrollers, 8051, Atmel ATmega, ARM, Freescale 68K, Coldfire, Xilinx FPGAs. Others may be used upon request. Software is normally written in C, C++, C#, and Assembly. Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) may also be used including Micrium uC/OS , Linux, and WinCE. Our source code is always well organized, documented, and we use Subversion and Lint where appropriate.

PC Software: In Linux, WinXP and Vista. C++, Visual Basic, .NET client and server side applications

Mechanical Design: Mechanical Design using SolidWorks for packaging including sheet metal and injection mold design.

PCB Design: PCB layout using Allegro, PADS, PCAD, OrCAD and Eagle.

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